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At Gigantic Bag, we specialize in Plastics with Purpose—quality polyethylene films and bags designed specifically for jobs that plastics do best, like agriculture, industrial, medical, cleanups and more. As a responsible manufacturer, we bring a big sense of purpose to everything we do, from supporting school fundraising programs to giving you the option to add an eco-friendly BioBoost™ to your order.


People are at the center of all we do

We care deeply about the people who create and use our products. We operate with the highest standards, ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We are creating jobs right here in Summit, Mississippi. Our local presence means lower costs, less carbon, and a stronger American economy.

Plastics play a critical role in the world, but not in nature.

We believe in reserving plastics for applications where they’re critical, such as food storage, cleanups, industrial, agricultural and medical uses.
We are committed to the responsible use of plastics and innovating daily to increase recycling rates and eliminate plastic waste in the environment.

Product Innovation and Partnership

We partner with our customers to explore new materials and develop products that achieve their goals and minimize impact on the environment.
Working together we can give your product a BioBoost by increasing recycled content, using ocean plastic resins, and finding ways to increase reduce product weight and environmental waste.

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