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We believe in reserving plastics for applications where they’re critical, such as food storage, cleanups, industrial, agricultural and medical uses. This blog series is a resource to help us all make better choices and ensure that plastics everywhere have purpose.

Does This Smell Funny to You? 7 Shocking Facts About the Food You Throw Away.

Does This Smell Funny to You? 7 Shocking Facts About the Food You Throw Away.

From heart valves to helmets, there isn’t a person alive that hasn’t benefitted from plastic materials and products.
Reducing Food Waste

Reducing Food Waste

Americans waste 150,000 tons of food each day—a third of all the calories we consume. Plastics play a critical role in saving food from

How to Toss the Waste Out of Your Commercial Facilities Budget

The plastics industry has been innovating with bioplastics for years—another example of how we are working toward a sustainable…

If you’re a facilities manager, you’re under growing pressure to trim more waste out of waste management. Waste reduction is now in the spotlight, with its potential to help organizations:

    • Control costs. Companies and institutions can see significant bottom-line savings from reducing waste, using more recycled materials, lowering energy consumption, and increasing recycling 
    • Polish your corporate image. Improving sustainability can attract more desirable tenants and enhance your reputation
    • Stand up to stricter scrutiny. The corporate responsibility movement has brought new eyes to examine the way institutions use—and waste—resources
    • Shrink your environmental footprint. Waste prevention and recycling reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources, including lumber, metals, and water

Here are 3 tips to help make reducing waste more manageable:


    • Establish a green purchasing policy
    • Purchase 100% postconsumer fiber paper products
    • Purchase office products with recycled content
    • Purchase products that are recyclable/compostable 
    • Eliminate bottled water
    • Minimize paper usage and require double-sided printing 
    • Follow the principles of environmentally preferable purchasing for pest control and cleaning supplies
    • Purchase in bulk and negotiate recycled content


    • Create a materials exchange program
    • Donate functioning electronics
    • Reuse packaging


    • Start a recycling program
    • Replace individual trash cans with a central disposal facility
    • Reuse packaging

Get others involved. Success depends on getting help from a dedicated team that shares your goals. You can build a new team dedicated to waste reduction and recycling, or assign new responsibilities to an existing group. Recruit members from as many parts of your organization as possible, including a variety of departments, tenant groups, job functions, management levels, and types of businesses. The more diverse your team, the greater the variety of perspectives you’ll hear from, and the more advocates you’ll have on the ground to evangelize change and report progress.

The goal of reducing waste is bringing a new sense of purpose to facilities management, offering benefits to every stakeholder. The task may be big, but it is achievable, thanks to a wealth of available support and resources.

At Gigantic Bag, we specialize in Plastics with Purpose—quality polyethylene films and bags designed specifically for jobs that plastics do best. We can help you manage waste more efficiently with custom bags, bulk orders, and more. Call 601-300-0744 or email us at hello@giganticbag.com.

Source: https://www.epa.gov/smm/managing-and-reducing-wastes-guide-commercial-buildings

Gigantic Bag is committed to providing education and resources to ensure that all plastics, are plastics with purpose.
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